Tax Benefits From Bugs?
Unfortunately, destruction to your home or furnishings from pests such as termites and carpet beetles is NOT tax deductible. Likewise homeowners insurance does NOT cover cover losses from pests, even if the pests cause extensive damage. (This is another reason our regular preventative service is such a wise choice.) The only way you can get a tax write-off from bugs is if you donate a collection of them to a museum. If they are properly labeled and mounted on pins, they can be worth real money. The average collection donated to a university museum is worth five thousand dollars, according to a university entomologies who is an expert in valuing insect collections.
Ants: Ongoing Invaders
Only with our regular and professional control can an ant problem be stopped and new ant problems be prevented. Please help spread the word— we are the area ant-elimination experts!
Pest Prevention Tip of the Month
Check your window screens and repair or replace them as needed. For very loose screens that pests can crawl around, install weather-stripping along the edges to tighten them. If doors tend to be left open, install screen doors that shut automatically.
Protecting Children from Poisonings
Never buy illegal pesticides, including pesticide chalks, because these pose higher risks. Fortunately you probably have far fewer pesticide containers around your home because you use our professional services, and that in itself is an important safety measure.
Pest Prevention Tip
Pet food and water left out overnight invites trouble with pests, so remove it nightly.
Reduce Allergen Exposure
By preventing pest problems, our on-going services greatly reduce pest allergen levels, and create a healthier home environment.
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